Sunday, May 30, 2010

Collapsible Basket Scroll Saw Pattern. Live Stream Tonight at 9pm Eastern.

This little basket will collapse flat for storage. The basket rings are cut at about 3 degrees so the basket will collapse on it's self. 1/4" dowel is glued into the outer ring so the handle will pivot flat.

Before you make the cuts in the basket make sure you test cut the bevel on scrap wood. Remember the less the angle the more the basket will open.

The live stream starts tonight at 9pm Eastern time. I will have the giveaway drawing and more.
Here is the link to the stream page. STREAM PAGE. For those of you that have not attended please stop by tonight. I'll again try to keep the event short and then turn it over to questions and answers. We generally have a pretty good time and you might win the giveaway. To login to the chat portion simply enter your name and click the connect button.

I have received several email that you don't know how the live stream works and are not sure what to do. If you have a broadband connection to the internet you are all set. Just visit the stream page tonight at 9pm. Enter your name in the chat box on the right. Click the connect button. Chat is optional. You can just watch the video if you like. The video should start automatically. If not click the play button. Most browsers will already have everything needed to show the video and chat. If you don't see them then you might need to install flash for the video and java for the chat. If you need help just email me. Hope to see you there.

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