Monday, May 31, 2010

I need your help.

I received an email a couple days ago from one of my readers, Jim Jackson. His son is a member of the West Memphis police department. You may have seen the story of the murder of two of their police officers on the 20th of last month. Officer Bill Evans and Sgt. Brandon Paudert were gunned down during a traffic stop. Both officer were survived by a wife and young children.

The Police department and the community have been devastated by this horrible event and two young families have been turned upside down.

Jim's email simply ask if I would design a simple pattern he could cut and sell to help raise a little money for the families of the slain officers. Obviously I was more than honored to help but I was hoping I could take it one step further and ask for my readers help.

What I ask is that if you could take a few minutes and cut one of these memorial patterns and send it to Jim. Jim has said he will work hard to make sure the cuttings get sold and the monies will go the the families.

I know there are a thousands of tragedies around our country every day. It's not possible for anyone to help in every case but we can all help in some. My heart is full of sorrow for the families, friends, colleagues and the community of West Memphis. If you can possibly help, take a few minutes to download this pattern.

The shipping address is included with the pattern. Thanks for the help and God bless the families of the slain officers. You are in our thoughts.

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Scroll Saw Bevel Gauge

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This video shows how to make a bevel gauge to help determine the correct starting angle for the table when making relief cuts.