Monday, June 11, 2018

Pocket Stuff Dish Scroll Saw Pattern.

This dish was designed to hold keys, watches, change and other pocket items. It's nice to have a handy spot to drop pocket items when you get home. This dish is just the right size for these items.

 I used a one-inch thick board for the interior of the dish. I cut five of the interior pieces but you can cut as many as you like to make the dish deeper. If you only have 3/4" thick boards then cut seven interior pieces. 

Make sure you get a good glue up.  Also, try to avoid glue squeeze out. It's hard to clean even with all the sanding we will be doing.
This project is all about the sanding. The more accurately you cut the less sanding you will have to do. Do 90 percent of the sanding before you add the front and back of the dish. The interior needs to be sanded smooth with no ridges left between the pieces. Us power sanding if you have it available. Hand sanding a project like this will take a bunch of work.