Wednesday, March 25, 2020

Toys for a Good Cause Scroll Saw Patterns.

Download Below

Let's make toys for a good cause. 

Stephen, the owner of Bear Woods called me and ask for a favor. His son Isaac, who is becoming an accomplished woodworker had a great idea. He wants to make 1,000 toys in one day! The toys would then be sent to his local food bank or hospital. Very special young man.

He is good but obviously, he cannot make 1,000 toys all by himself. That is where you come in. Anyone who would like to participate can make the toys and send them to your local group in need.

Stephen will give anyone who participates, a 25% off coupon for wheels and axles. If you already have wheels then those will work fine.  Just email me and I will forward it to Stephen so he can contact you with the coupon. You can also ask any questions you may have.

Isaac is going to do a marathon session this Saturday (3/28/2020) He is going to live stream from 10am to 8pm PST while cutting the toys. I'll get the link out for the live stream tomorrow if you would like to watch. It will probably be a Facebook stream.

If you would like to participate then email me at the d middle initial in the email address). I will forward the email to Stephen and Isaac. They are just looking to give you the coupon and get an estimate of how many total toys they may be able to have made.

You don't necessarily have to complete your toys on that day. You just need to let them know how many you can do.

My job was to design a few simple toys from construction grade 2x4's. These four vehicles have very few interior cuts and the set can be made in an hour or two.

Remember to sand them very well and glue the wheels on securely.

Cutting thick wood does present some problems. Because the interior cuts are so large in these patterns you can use a large blade. Even pin end blade will work fine here. 

When cutting thick wood you may get some warped cuts. The pieces will be cone-shaped. This is caused by not having enough tension on the blade, using the wrong blade, and pushing to blade too hard. Let the blade do the work. Go slow.

Because of all the lockdowns around the world, you may have a difficult time delivering the toys right now. Do not put yourself in danger. Many areas are allowing the sheriffs to run errands. If you have several toys for a local charity I am sure that would be an errand they would be happy to do. 

If you don't have an option then just deliver the toys when it is safe to do.

These are not required to participate but here if needed.

the email address again is (Note the d middle initial in the email address)